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Those painful things

Those painful things

tell me the eternal memories

I lit a cigarette and took a few mouthfuls. There was a little bit of tears in the blank eyes, and I tried to open my eyes so that the tears of the stinging people would stay in my eyes and flow into my heart without being seen. The memories are scattered in the debris of the ground. I picked it up cautiously, but I was stabbed with blood. I was helpless like a child, holding it and reluctantly abandoning it.

The smog of smoke is floating in the air, and the cockroaches are also true. Missing began to spread, tears broke in the memory, dear, how do you make me good? A tear slipped over the corner of the mouth, the smile of the arc, lonely for a long time. The brain began to have uncontrolled pain, and the brows were tangled with sadness. There was a sharp pain in the ground and abdomen. The head was buried in his arms, suppressing the pain of the body. The sweat was dripping with tears from his face, and the clothes gradually became wet. through.

Kneeling on the sofa, reaching up and holding the glass on the table, the crimson liquid is particularly attractive under the orange light. I don’t know when I started to be obsessed with the stability that it brought me, so that my nerves are short-lived. Sleeping. Just like my fascination with your voice, a kind of quietness. However, the promise you give, like a colored bubble, is broken when you touch it. It’s just water marks. Unscrew the medicine bottle on the table, pour all the white particles inside into the cup, gently shake it, and drink it all at once.

As soon as the sun shone through the thick curtains, the whole room became bright, and the sudden sunlight made me unable to blink. The head becomes heavier and heavier, and sleepiness erodes every nerve in the brain. Leaning on the sofa, I breathed in a hurry, the bloody smell began to permeate in my mouth, my heart sank into the bottom of the valley, and the bones were painful.

The sound is still the low-pitched song, the object is human, the past is never tossed, and now it is not seen. Dear, that good night, we are talking too early.

Chapter 2: That season blooms, we have scattered the horizon

Summer is so short, but the thoughts are so long.

The season of gardenia blooms, we have scattered the horizon

If you leave, don't forget.

Stepping on the song, people are not stopped, long pavilion farewell, a piece of paper tears. Passionate since ancient injury

Injury, injury, separation, although in front of you, say goodbye may not be too far away

If you have a chance, you can look forward to tomorrow, let's go, let's go. it is more than words.

For a few years, I can still think of the North City, remembering the group of bright and sad children, and remembering the sorrow and eternity of the flash of the camera.

After the end of May, the scorpion flower in June, you finally opened, the opening is so gorgeous, comparable to summer flowers. The gorgeous makes us forget how to leave in a hurry. Everyone went with a blessing without turning back.

That group of teenagers, will you still remember tomorrow, think of the ancient Paulownia on campus, think of the quiet garden, and the place full of flowers and aloe vera. That quiet road, crazy with the tree, laughed and hurt people. Will you think of the rows of green bamboo and the words carved on the bamboo, those that the wind can not blow away. For three years, Beicheng has left you with memories, and it is still sorrowful to fix your clarity. I want to hear from you tell me, , tell me, how I used to be reluctant to leave, but I have to leave.

Many years later, you will not think of our playground, think of our board room classroom and the hot air in summer. There is also a teacher who explained the math problem without any complaints. The board is a big piece, just like a large piece of falling sleep after we are in class.

If in the future, we will meet again, who will sing the song, what kind of people will be around? Some people say; "Living elsewhere", where will our life be? Do what you like to do, find a For your own life, you will have a promising future. When we meet again, I hope that everything will be fine.

Don't wave, don't look back, just go. I don't want to say goodbye. The road ahead is still there. It's just that thing